October 16, 2020

October 16, 2020
I am sorry I did not get yesterday’s announcements posted online.  Here are today’s announcements:
Happy Birthday on Saturday to Greyson Kesinger, Travis McCoy, and Ryan White
Lunch today: Breaded Pork, Cottage Cheese, Carrot Sticks, Fruit
Breakfast Monday: Cereal, Graham Crackers, Fruit
Lunch Monday: Pizza, Corn, Fruit
Reminder today we all follow the Monday Schedule.
Friday Oct 16
     Cheerleading 2:15
Saturday Oct 17
     HSCC 5:15AM practice
     JHCC 8:45 bus Sectional meet
  Coach Gum will be hosting a Pitching Camp for any boy interested in improving their pitching skills. It is open for current students in 4th-7th grade. If you are interested email Mr. Hendricks and he will get a form emailed to you.