January 9, 2020

January 9, 2020
There are no birthdays today!
Lunch Today-                  Veggie Soup, Cheese Stick, Mixed Peppers, Fruit
Breakfast Tomorrow-       Cereal, Granola Bar, Fruit
Lunch Tomorrow-                   Crispitos, Salad, Dessert
STEM club group 1 meets today after school.


JHBB HOME game vs Kincaid 6:00
JHVB 3:30 practice @ High School
HSGBB @ New Berlin bus from Waverly 5:00
HSBB 2:50 bus to Franklin for practice
Today’s random trivia about our Mystery Staff Member is…Three things they are currently obsessed with are teacher t-shirts, everything fall, and their wedding.  Their favorite place to eat is anything Mexican.  Something you may not know they can do is sing like a chipmunk and this is their third year at Waverly.