January 10, 2020

January 10, 2020
Happy Birthday to Olivia Callahan and Kendyl Zachary  on Saturday!
Lunch today: Crispitos, Salad, Goldfish, Dessert, Fruit
Breakfast Monday: Scrombled Eggs, Sausage, Toast and Jelly, Fruit
Lunch Monday: Breaded Chicken Patty, Rice, Cooked Broccoli, Fruit
JHBB practice 5:15 GS
JHVB 3:30 practice HS
HSGBB 3:30 practice GS
HSBB game at Sangamon Valley bus from Waverly 3:50
HS Cheere bus to Sangamon Valley 4:15
January 11 Saturday
HSGBB game at North Greene 8:30 Franklin, 8:45 Waverly
HSBB practice at Franklin 7:30 bus
Reminders of this week’s Mystery Staff clues:
When not at school they like to watch TV, talk on the phone, and sleeping.  Their biggest pet peeve are people that are rude.  Something on their bucket list is to bathe and elephant.
 3 words that describe them are outgoing, funny, and extra.  Something they could eat everyday for the rest of their life is ice cream. Their favorite books are Piggy and Elephant books.
  Three things they are currently obsessed with are teacher t-shirts, everything fall, and their wedding.  Their favorite place to eat is anything Mexican.  Something you may not know they can do is sing like a chipmunk and this is their third year at Waverly.
Our Mystery Staff Member is…….Miss Huff