LUNCH TODAY – Breaded Chicken Patty, Rice/Cooked Broccoli, Fruit
BREAKFAST TOMORROW – Biscuit, Egg, Bacon, Fruit
LUNCH TOMORROW – Turkey & Noodles, Roll, Green Beans, Fruit

The following Seniors are working the game tomorrow night– Brayden, Blayton, Bree and Quintin.

If you are bringing a date for Homecoming that is not a Waverly or Franklin student, you need to get
a permission form. They are hanging out in the gray folder bin by the office. These forms are due
on Wednesday, January 15th. Please give them to Mrs. Hill.

JH BB @ Greenfield bus 4:45
JH VB practice @3:30 HS
HS GBB practice @ 5:30 HS
HS BB 3:30 practice GS @ Waverly