November 8, 2019

November 8, 2019
Happy Birthday to Miss Nagel.
Happy Birthday to Kasen Wiser on Sunday
There is no lunch today-11:30 Dismissal
Breakfast Monday: Doughnuts
Lunch Monday: Mini Corn Dogs, Baked Beans, Fritos, Fruit
Today is an 11:30 Dismissal

JHGBB van leaves 3:00
HS Cheer van leaves 3:00
JHBB HOME GAME vs Pawnee, game time 10:00am
Grandparents Day is Monday November 11 starting at 7:50.  Doughnuts will be served.  The Veteran’s Day program will begin at 9:45.  Audience and Grandparents will dismissed after the program.
Here are the clues we shared this week about our Mystery Staff Member:
Things they like to do when they are not at school are read, walk, hike, and spend time with their animals, family, and friends.  Their favorite place to eat is American Harvest.
Their favorite books are The Outsiders, To Kill and Mockingbird and Where the Wild Things Are. A talent you may not know they have is they can sing.
Three words to describe them are loyal, energetic, and reader.  They have been at Waverly for five years.  Something on their bucket list is meeting the original Wonder Women, Lynda Carter.
Our Mystery Staff Member is…………Mrs. Wagner