Lunch Today- Cream Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing, Dessert, Fruit
Breakfast Tomorrow- Breakfast Pizza
Lunch Tomorrow- Corn Dog, Chips, Carrots Sticks, Cookie

Junior Class meeting during study hall. Make sure you have your tickets and money with you, if you haven’t given them to Mrs. Hill or Miss Long yet. CACC students please stop by Mrs. Hill’s room before leaving school after CACC.

Seniors- If you are graduating early, please get your senior picture, senior quote, and after school plans to Mrs. Hill ASAP! Deadline is December 12. If you don’t submit them to her by December 12, they will be picked for you or be absent from the yearbook.

Class Color Day will be tomorrow (Tuesday). You will receive points for clash of classes for participation.
freshmen- white
sophomores- orange
juniors- gray
seniors- black

JHBB game at OSS bus leaves 5:00
JHGBB 3:15 van for practice
HSGBB Waverly Tournament…SC Girls play at 7:30 tonight
HSBB New Berlin Tournament Bus time 4:35 (Waverly)…..SC Boys plays at 6:30 tonight
FR/SO practice 2:50 bus over with Franklin
Boys will ride back after practice with Franklin when they pick up boys for tournament game