Lunch Today- Chicken Fajita Wrap, Rice, Salad, Fruit
Breakfast Tomorrow- Cinnamon Roll
Lunch Tomorrow- Hamburger, Fries, Salad, Fruit

Jr High Basketball boys – Please get your basketball shoes picked and paid for by Friday, October 11th.

Will you pledge to not bully others? Will you pledge to not stand by while others are being bullied? Will you pledge to report bullying whenever you see it? If so, add your name to the display by the water fountains. Together, let’s make our school a bully-free school.

Where are all the Cardinal fans? Wear your Cardinal red tomorrow!

2:50 bus to Franklin… JHCC, HSVB, Football

Golf practice, bus leaves Waverly at 4:00, Will pick up Franklin at 3:40

JHGBB bus leaves at 5:30 (all girls)

HSCC van leaves at 1:00 to take runners to Franklin

Cheer practice van leaves Waverly at 5:00