LUNCH TODAY – Chicken Fajita/Wrap, Salad/Cheese, Rice Fruit

BREAKFAST FRIDAY – Cereal & Yogurt

If you have yearbook forms, please give them to Mrs. Hill by tomorrow. Yearbooks for
2019-2020 are on sale for $40. They will be delivered when school starts next year.

Tomorrow is a 11:30 dismissal

Results of the Class Elections:

Pres.-Elyse Copelin
V.P. – Quintin Jennings
Sec. – Samantha Mies

Pres. – Seger Brown
V.P. – Cole Baker
Sec. – Nathaniel Bertrand
Treas. – Jack Kindred

Sophomores –
Pres. – Kyle Roeschley
V.P. – Tyler Kanganis
Sec. – Braelyn Johnson

Freshmen –
Pres. – Faith Hermes
V.P. – Alexsa Robertson
Sec. Eric Keeton