Notice of Proposed Property Tax Increase


Also as you may be aware, the date by which the district must levy for taxes is several months before we know the final assessed valuation of the district. At this time the district does not know how much of an increase there will be in the assessed valuation for new construction and improvements to existing property in the district. Thus, in order to access the total revenue for each fund at the taxpayer-approved rate, the district requests a larger extension in taxes than will be possible because of the limiting rate for each fund. Since the school district serves new residents as soon as they move into their homes, simple fairness to all taxpayers requires that the taxes be requested now for collection next year. If the amount generated by the new construction and improvements is not requested by the school district, then the county will not collect and allocate those funds to the school district. Therefore, the increase of 18% is not an increase in your tax rate, but rather an increase in the total amount of tax money to be collected including any new construction and improvements to existing property.

Your Waverly School Board values our positive relationship with our property owners. We are accountable to you and welcome your comments and questions about the way we utilize your tax dollars.