Foods Class Guest Speaker

foods guest speaker

Our guest speaker in Foods class on May 2 was Chef Victoria, a representative from Hickey College in St. Louis. Not only did she brave the floods in getting here but shared information about time management, communication, teamwork, planning and organizing not only in your professional life but how those skills can carry over to your personal life. Of course she also shared her culinary expertise in demonstrating “ Mise en place”—getting all your equipment and supplies organized before working in the kitchen, practicing food safety and sanitation skills and safe knife skills. Chef Victoria also shared her culinary experiences with us in various job situations and skills she had learned during her career as a chef as well as the variety of jobs available in the culinary field. And of course we got to taste the results of her culinary expertise, a beautiful Lemon Pepper Goat Cheese Crostini!!

chef victoria 1
chef victoria 2
lemon pepper goat cheese crostini